Finding a painter in Fort Wayne

Painter in Fort Wayne

Painter in Fort Wayne


Finding a painter in Fort Wayne can be a challenge.

There are a number of ways to go about this and this article will present some ideas that you will hopefully find helpful.    We will discuss two main categories; finding a painter offline and online, and we will consider  the Pro’s and Con’s of each method.


 Finding a Painter Offline


  • Yellow Pages:

Pro:   this will probably provide the most exhaustive list of painters in Fort Wayne.

Con:  Ok, you have the list but how do you make your selection?  To me the phone book is just too impersonal.  I find that it is not very helpful in deciding what painter to hire.


  • Paint Stores: To find a painter in Fort Wayne you can ask for referrals at paint stores.  (We are not talking about the big box stores such as Lowe’s or Menard’s;   use stores such as Glidden, Haffner, Mab, Sherwin-Williams, etc.)

Pro: you will be talking to someone who knows the painter and possibly his reputation.  Also, they will often give you more than one referral.  They will usually be more qualified to identify a painter who will best fits your needs.

Con:  the store owner or salesperson is probably not going to tell you anything negative about the painter because the painter is a customer of the store.  The store is not going to chance jeopardizing their relationship with the painter.  However, keep in mind that they are professionals and probably won’t recommend someone that they feel won’t suite you.  Also, I do know some stores that won’t recommend any painter who doesn’t exclusively use their brand of paint.


  • Personal Referrals:  This is often  considered to be the best way to pick a painter.  One of the reasons we find it so difficult to hire a painter is the inherent fear of hiring someone we know nothing about, for all of the obvious reasons:  are they honest; reliable; qualified, and the list goes on and on.  If we personally know the referrer than many, if not all of these fears, are overcome.

Pro:    1. You are talking to someone you may know and trust.    2. This person may have actually employed the painter or knows someone who did.

Con:  A personal referral can be a touchy thing.  This is because each of us have different standards regarding quality of work.                                                                                                                                                                                                      For example we bid a job for a lady who simply wanted some interior repainting of a few rooms done.  We noticed that the quality of work previously done was, quite frankly, horrible.  We, tactfully, questioned her about the quality of the work she wanted for the repaint, hoping that we could determine how she felt about the work she already had.  It turns out that she thought the work she had done was just wonderful.  The only reason she was getting bids from painters was because she was unable to get the painter who worked for her before.

Obviously, if this woman gave you a referral and your work quality  standards are higher than hers, then you would not be pleased.

I suppose the best way to determine the value of the referral is to see the work done by the painter being referred.


Finding a Painter Online


  • The Internet:   This has probably become the first option most people think of when finding a painter in Fort Wayne.

Pro:  you can get a better “feel” for the painter than in the phone book.  You are usually presented with more than just a name.

Con:  the painters’ web page is an advertisement and by its very nature will be somewhat self serving.  You are not going to read a web page that tells you how bad they are at painting now are you?


  • Internet referral sites:  This may be your best option for picking a painter in Fort Wayne online.  These sites show reports from actual customers who have used these painters.  (They also report on all other kinds of businesses and services.)

Pro: obvious, aren’t they… 1. You get a referral from an actual user of the painter and you get more than one referral for each painter .    2. The report covers a number of categories that help you evaluate the painter.    3. You get many referrals from which to pick and then make a final choice.  (See article:  Choosing a Painter in Fort Wayne)

Con:  From our personal experience with painters on such lists you still have to exercise due diligence.  Just because they are listed and have a good rating doesn’t automatically mean they are the best for you.  Always have at least 3 contractors offer you a bid no matter how you came by their names.  (See article:  Choosing a Painter in Fort Wayne)


Well, hopefully, with the help of these tips you will be able to find a painter in Fort Wayne.  Pick at least 3 painters.   The article “Choosing a Painter in Fort Wayne” will explain why you want to pick 3 painters and then how to choose the right one.





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