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About Catz Painting

About Catz Painting


Carl and Cathy Friedman have been the owners of Catz Painting

since  2003.


P2200019We have painted for many years before that but not here in Fort Wayne.

Our business is small (just the two of us) and we like it that way.  When we accept a job we look for certain criteria.   We particularly like interior re-paints where there needs to be attention to detail.  We are very meticulous (especially Cathy) and we don’t work in a rushed manner.  We take our time and do it right.

We like to paint.  We also like the feeling we experience getting to know our customer, helping them with their painting needs and the satisfaction that comes with having them happy with the job that we have done.

We are older now  (OK, Carl is older)  and we don’t take on as much work as we used to.  This is by design and we enjoy it.

We have made a lot of friends here in Fort Wayne through our business and this has brought us much gratification.  We hope to continue to make many more.

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  1. We’d like an estimate to paint several rooms in our home in Azbury woods that is up for sale.

    It should be a straightforward job with some minor patching and prep. We’d also like advice on which rooms would benefit most from painting.

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